Forms can be dropped off in the office or emailed to

Easement forms must be printed on 8.5" x 14" legal size paper.
They must also be dropped off at the office or mailed back as we cannot accept faxed copies.
The Ohio Recorders specify the spacing and layout before they will record the document.

Here are our rules and regulations concerning easements. You will also find a downloadable form for your convenience.



Before any new construction can take place on private land, an easement must be granted by the landowner.  The District will not pay for any easement other than the dollar stated on the easement when extending to serve new customers.


No property owner who has refused to grant an easement for the location of water lines or meters on their property, thereby necessitating the construction of such lines in the public right-of-way adjacent to such property or force the line to be installed on the opposite side of the road, shall be granted a water tap or service to such property except on specific resolution of the Board of Trustees of Adams County Regional Water District.


In considering such application for water service the Board shall require a written request therefore including the applicants' explanation of his/her reasons for refusal to grant such easements.  The Board may require staff input on such application.


The Board, if such application for water is granted, may require:


       A. Granting of the easements as outlined by company staff as 

            necessary to service the property in question.


     B. Payment by the applicant of any amount to the District, in addition to normal tap fees, line cost, bores, and other construction cost as designated by the Board to insure adequate resources for relocation of the water line from public right of way if such relocation is required by governmental agencies, either state, county or township.


For purposes of this policy the relocation charge shall be at the cost of time and material at the given time for the frontage of the property in question, or the length of line needed to circumvent a property where the easement was refused.


This policy shall not apply to bona fide third party purchasers of property on which an easement was refused if such party did not personally participate in the refusal to grant the easement for construction of the water line, either at this location or prior location owned by the third party.          


This procedure shall also apply to the circumstances where a property owner requests Adams County Regional Water District to release an easement in order to dedicate such property to the public agency as additional right of way of adjacent roads.  Adams County Regional Water District shall not release such easements until the applicant has paid the relocation sums required.