Adams County Regional Water District
Service Fee Schedule
Account Transfer Fee$50.00
Returned Check Fee$40.00
Voluntary Disconnect Fee$50.00
Reconnect Fee$100.00
Service Call Fee$50.00
Service Call Fee ( after normal business hours)$100.00
Meter Re-Read (Customer Request)$50.00
Data Log by Customer Request$50.00
Meter Testing (if meter is bad no fee)$50.00
ACRWD Rules Violation Fee Cost of Material +$100.00
Project Planning Fee$100.00
Real Estate Inspection Fee$100.00
Meter Tampering Fee Cost of meter +$200.00
Meter Lock- Broken or Missing$200.00
Meter Setter Angle Valve Damage$300.00
Installation of Jumper or Other Illegal Device$500.00
Replacement Fee for Meter Setter Due to Vandalism$750.00

NOTE:  Tampering with a meter is a violation that can be prosecuted under Ohio Revised Code Section 4933.18

which prevents tampering with the District's equipment and can carry a fine up to $1,000 and possible imprisonment.


Rate Schedule for 2023- 2024. All Accounts Are Billed Monthly!!

All residential rates will be $8.25 per thousand after the minimum has been met.

* Please note that the GPM's listed per meter are AWWA specifications and are maximum flows. These are tested in perfect conditions. ACRWD will not warrant that this flow will be achieved as each tap is site specific and all conditions in our system are not the same.

Meter Size Flow Rate Minimum Rate/minimum Tap Fee Commercial
5/8”20 gpm1,000 gallons$22.00$1,800.00None
¾”25 gpm2,500 gallons$36.20No longer being offeredNone
1”50 gpm2,500 gallons$37.50$2,500.00None
1-1/2”90 gpm2,500 gallons$41.60To be determined by engineeringNone
2”130 gpm2,500 gallons$49.00To be determined by engineeringNone
3”400 gpm25,000 gallons$275.60 $11.02/1000To be determined by engineering$6.50 /1000 for the next 175,000 and $5.00/1000 thereafter
4”1000 gpm50,000 gallons$441.00 $8.82/1000To be determined by engineering$6.50 /1000 for the next 150,000 and $5.00/1000 thereafter
6”2000 gpm100,000 gallons$772.00 $7.72/1000To be determined by engineering$6.50 /1000 for the next 100,000 and $5.00/1000 thereafter

Please note, however, that all "Grandfathered" tap installations serving multiple residences will be charged the minimum amount times the number of residences being served by a single meter but shall only receive 1,000 gallons minimum for that total number of residences served.
Example: 3 residences on one meter = $66.00 minimum for 1,000 gallons.

Also know that all double hook-ups after March 9, 1995, are strictly prohibited per ACRWD Rules and Regulations, Section VI, paragraph J, and discontinuance of service will occur.
Fire Flow Regulations- Adams County Regional Water District's water system is a rural system and fire system demands were not designed or built into the distribution system. There are, however, many areas where due to large pipe diameters and adequate storage a fire system may be serviced with enough flow.

  1. A customer wishing to install a fire system (sprinkler) must provide ACRWD with the data to properly check the area where the connection is proposed. Data shall include the following;
    • Purpose and type of sprinkler system.
    • Capacity and requirements of service.
    • The exact location of service.
    • Any other detailed information regarding service
  2. ACRWD would then evaluate the service area to see if capacity requirements and line size is available.
  3. The customer shall be responsible for the materials; installation and maintenance of this service after specifications are set forth by the District.
  4. All material will meet the specifications as set forth by the District and an inspection shall be made and all required tests shall be performed before this connection can be placed into service.
  5. All connections will require a reduced pressure detector check assembly with a metering device.
  6. The customer will be responsible for a one-time surcharge fee for a water flow study, inspection fees, and necessary paperwork as well as a monthly facility charge according to the size of the service as set forth in this policy.
  7. An inspector, designated by the District, shall be onsite at all times during the installation.
  8. ACRWD does not, with this policy, represent that the system is adequate for fire protection or assume any liability for the adequacy of the system for fire protection now and in the future.
Line Size Surcharge Fee Monthly Fee

If customers have any questions concerning the rate schedule, they are encouraged to contact the Business Office at 937-544-2396 or 800-288-0039 or via email: Business

Please Note: All fees listed above are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Adams County Regional Water District Board of Directors.